What’s the turn-around time?

Standard production time takes 5-7 business days from the date the order is placed. This doesn’t include shipping time. Rush options and expedited shipping are available upon request.

What rush options are available?

We offer next day, 2 day, and 3 day turn-around times upon request (see below). Expedited shipping is also available. Costs depend on zip code and final weight/dimensions of boxes. 

Rush Option


Next Day

100% of order cost

2 Day

50% of order cost

3 Day

25% of order cost


Are there sample prints available?

At this point in time we don’t offer any free sample kits. We suggest that first-time customers place a small order to start ($25 minimum order fee) or visit us at our Kent production facility. 

I just got my print back. Why does it look different than the picture on my monitor screen?

Many monitors have a brighter display with enhanced colors. If your monitor screen isn’t color calibrated, the image may appear different than its true properties. Color calibrating your monitor screen is an important step to view your images more accurately.

What ICC profile should I adjust my images to?

We use Adobe RGB 1998. If you don’t change the ICC profile before uploading your image we automatically switch it over before printing.

My image has a low resolution. What are my options?

We generally recommend printing between 140-300 dpi (digital pixels per inch). If your image has a dpi smaller than 100, this is considered low resolution. One option is to consider printing at a smaller size or looking for a higher quality version of your image. If all else fails we can still print the image. However, keep in mind that it may print pixilated or fuzzy depending on the size. 

Do I need to adjust my image for bleed?

Yes, depending on the product type. Metal prints, fine art acrylics, decorative tiles, coasters, and cutting boards all require bleed. The amount ranges from .125 to .25 (added to each dimension) depending on the print size.

For canvas wraps do I need to adjust my picture for additional image?

This depends on the wrap style you choose. If you choose the image wrap, then you will need to adjust accordingly (see below). Otherwise all other wrap styles don’t require additional image.
Adjusting For Image Wrap

Wrap Thickness

Additional Image Needed

Thin Wrap (.5”)


Thick Wrap (1.5”)


Giant Wrap (2”)


Example: For a 8 x 10 thick wrap canvas, the artwork will need to be adjusted to 11.5 x 13.5. The final print size will be 8 x 10.